And the winner is…

For anyone following my blog and stories, you’ll know that I’ve been polling to decide what story to start on June First.  The poll, and the stories, are at

Well, unless something drastically weird happens in the next twelve hours, it looks like the winner is The Surprising Life and Death of Diggory Franklin.  It was a working title, but I think I’m going to go with it.  General Patton said it was “better a good plan now than a perfect plan next week” and it’s all I’ve got.

It was a surprising victory.  The western story, The Untold Legend of Jonah Chalmers, had an early lead, but Diggory found some support somewhere and one by a single vote.  Considering I tried to keep the race close by voting for Jonah, stir up some controversy, it actually wins by two votes.  The Samaritan Project was a distant third place.

Diggory will be a bit of an experiment for me.  I don’t have a lot of backlog, whereas No Man an Island was a completed novel.  I’m going to be running under the gun, writing chapters on the fly, and hoping they work.  It should be fun.  It’s also the story with the least amount of planning, and the least clear story arc, so we’ll see how I do flying by the seat of my pants.

The good news for me is that I have back up stories if it doesn’t go well.  But I’m going to do my best to get this story going, and to have fun with it. 

~ by nomananisland on May 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “And the winner is…”

  1. Mwah ha ha ha.

    I suppose now is as good a time as any to admit that I voted for Diggory twice, using two different Blogger accounts.

    It wasn’t premeditated, though. I just happened to have created two accounts, once when I was in Firefox and once when I was using Safari (I likely forgot I had one already.) Then I happened to be viewing the site in Safari and saw that I could vote again!

    So I did. Of course. Because what are ethics when you really want to see where a story is going?


  2. Oh and by the way, I’ve just sent an email to the addy you use to comment on my stories, just thought I’d let you know as it may get caught in your spambox.

  3. Thanks Sarah. I guess my one vote and your second vote cancel each other out, so that’s fair. ;)

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